Soroush-Instruments Company

Metal analyzer (Spectrometer) provider to foundry Industry in Iran.

M5000 Specification

Wave Length:


Technical Specification

Available for the relevant bases such as Fe, Al, Cu, Zn, Ni, Ti, Mg and Co.

Optical System
Paschen-Runge optical system with full wavelength coverage
Effective wavelength range140nm-680nm
Multi CCD detectors with high resolution
Dual-Optic Design , optional UV optics

Standard factory calibrated programs
Freely selected analysis programs
Customized calibrated programs according to individual requirements

Spark Stand
Excitation hole 13mm
Argon flushed and optimized Argon flow
Easily operated sample clamp adapted to different sample geometrics
Durable electrode and easy maintenance

Readout System
External PC optional
Ethernet data transmission
High performance DSP and ARM processor with super high speed to data processing

Excitation Source
High -energy pre-spark
Frequency: 100Hz~1000Hz
 Maximum discharge current: 400 A
 Programmable pulse digital source
Optimized electronics and complete excitation protection
Available spark, arc and combined discharge waveform for different bases

Database management
Automatic diagnosissystem
Microsoft Windows operating system
Easy used and graphic interface based on Windows

Electrical and Environmental Requirement
 Max 400VA in sparking
 Standby average Power 100VA
Room temperature: 10℃~30℃
Relative Humidity: 20%~80%

LxWxH: 726 x622 x546 mm
 Net weight: 80kg